Commercial Kitchen Equipment Calgary

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Calgary

The Covid19 pandemic had its effects on both commercial and personal businesses, halting some of these businesses and causing several shops to close down. This closure affected our physical shops in Calgary and globally, leaving us with only our online shops.

Thankfully, our physical shops have been reopened to meet our customer's needs, however, with compliance to covid 19 restrictions and regulations. Our shops are at different locations in Calgary.

We do pick-up and doorstep delivery, serving all commercial and noncommercial foodservice operations, majoring in kitchen equipment for Bars and restaurants, coffee and ice cream shops, bakeries, meat markets, institutions, schools, and homes.

  • Bars and Restaurants

We specialize in the supply, sales, and installation of commercial kitchen equipment for restaurants and bars. We have a long supply chain of the best, most durable, and finest kitchen equipment. To the finest ovens, fryers. We also help with the design layouts, carts, and shelving, refrigeration, and the beautifying of the bars and restaurants.

  • Coffee and Ice Cream Shops

Ever tasted coffee so smooth and creamy? Our coffee maker percolates the smoothest, perfect coffee in town. Whether it be for home or commercial purposes, our vast range of coffee equipment makes the perfect cappuccinos, lattes, and smoothies for our esteemed customers.

We also supply a wide range of display shelves for your pastries and sandwiches. Involved in the sales of ice cream either as a dessert or as a full service? We supply the best ice cream makers, ice cream freezers, and serving bowls for your customer's demands.

  • Meat Markets

Meats are a regular part of the diet of the people of Calgary, as such, it is common to have meat markets. Meats are sold for commercial purposes as well as for the consumption of the general public. At MCK, we sell the best refrigerators for preserving meat, stainless steel knives with the sharpest cutting power, display cases, and trays to arrange, display, and organize your merchandise for efficiency and orderliness in your store

  • Bakery

Baking is a very significant and crucial aspect when it comes to ceremonies and events. Be it wedding cakes, birthday parties, kids parties, or tea parties, pastries are a necessity. MCK provides the best equipment to arrange your bakery.

We sell commercial ovens, refrigerators, mixers as well as miniatures like baking pan, rolling stick and boards, spatulas, and other baking essentials.

Ambiance and aesthetics are very important aspects when it pertains to sales, we at MCK understand this. As such, we have a wide range selection of the most beautifully designed cases to display your finished products.

  • Schools

At MCK equipment, we understand that each organization and individuals have distinct needs and we prioritize these needs. Equip your school kitchen and cafeteria with the best commercial appliances, tools, and equipment the chef needs to prepare healthy and tasty meals for the students and teachers.

We have food warming equipment, food processors, commercial mixers and blenders, food preparation tables, to prepare and serve healthy meals. We have a vast array of display shelves, cases, and cabinets to showcase the delicious and healthy meals prepared for ease of accessibility by the students and teachers.

When thinking of businesses, either on a small or large scale, we have Calgary's best and most affordable commercial food service and equipment.

Our customer service is topnotch as we prioritize the wants and specific needs of our customers. Contact MCK Equipment to learn more about us or to purchase our commercial kitchen products:

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Calgary
MCK Equipment
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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Calgary
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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Calgary